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STMicroelectronics boosts IGBT ruggedness and efficiency with new 1350V series

STPOWER IH2 devices target industrial and induction-heating applications

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STMicroelectronics has released a new class of IGBTs with an increased breakdown-voltage capability of 1350V and maximum operating temperature of 175°C. The higher ratings ensure greater design margin, robust performance, and extended reliability under all operating conditions.


The new STPOWER IH2 series IGBTs also permit increased power-conversion efficiency. Favorable parameters include low saturation voltage, Vce(sat), which ensures low dissipation when the device is turned on. The freewheeling diode has low voltage drop and optimized turn-off energy that increases the efficiency of single-switch quasi-resonant converters operating at frequencies from 16kHz to 60kHz.


With their ruggedness and high efficiency, these IGBTs are ideal for induction-heating applications including domestic appliances such as kitchen hobs, inverter microwave ovens, and rice cookers. In a 2kW application, ST’s new IGBT devices can reduce power dissipation by up to 11%.


In addition, the Vce(sat) has a positive temperature coefficient and tight parameter distribution between devices helps simplify design and ease connecting multiple IGBTs in parallel to address high-power applications.


The first two devices in the series, the 25A STGWA25IH135DF2 and 35A STGWA35IH135DF2, are in production now and available in a standard TO-247 long-lead power package. Pricing starts from $1.39 for the STGWA25IH135DF2 and $1.69 for the STGWA35IH135DF2, for orders of 1000 pieces.


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