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STMicroelectronics and Partners Bring Innovation to STM32 Summit 2021 in Shenzhen

  • Themed “Driving a Smarter & Innovative World – More Secured & More Connected,”
    STM32 Summit 2021 focuses on Industry & Security, AI & Sensing, Cloud & Connectivity, and Ecosystem & Innovation
  • With 35 partners, ST will showcase more than 200 demos and 55 curated sub-tracks and technical workshops during the 2-day in-person and live-streamed event

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will host the STM32 Summit 2021 at the InterContinental Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China, on April 28-29.

In its 5th year, the STM32 Summit has become a highly anticipated calendar event that brings together diverse IoT ecosystem partners to showcase their latest technology innovations enabled by the market-leading STM32* microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs). The Summit is also a platform where visitors can discover and investigate ST’s broad offering of products and solutions for industrial, power management, sensing, imaging, and other applications.

ST’s commitment to further enhancing STM32 portfolio and ecosystem inspires customers to develop more innovative embedded products. We are pleased to gather with 35 partners and many customers at the 5th STM32 Summit to showcase our latest technologies and solutions, help users accelerate the development of safer and more connected applications, and work together to build a smarter world,” said Johnson CAO, Director, Microcontroller Marketing & Application China, STMicroelectronics.

The 2-day event concentrates on 4 major topics: Industry & Security, AI & Sensing, Cloud & Connectivity, and Ecosystem & Innovation.

Industry & Security
ST will showcase a range of development kits and customer products based on the STM32 MCUs and MPUs for Industry & Security. For example, the STM32G4 and STM32H7, with high clock frequency and rich analog and digital peripherals, are widely used in industrial applications such as motor control, LED display control, and robot control. And the STM32MP1 dual-core MPU is recognized by industrial customers for its rich and powerful functions. The full range of STM32s can meet most industrial safety requirements and the STM32L5 and the next-generation low-power wireless products were designed to protect users’ assets with robust software and hardware resources.

At the Summit, ST will show how to execute multi-axis control of a robot with the Robot Motion Controller demo from its China customer HCFA running on a dual-core STM32MP1 MPU. This microprocessor series is based on a heterogeneous architecture using Arm® Cortex®-A7 and Cortex-M4 cores, with the Cortex-A7 to manage communication and Cortex-M4 for real-time control. Empowered by such a “super brain,” the STM32MP1 improves both overall run performance of the system and its real-time performance, allowing the robot to respond to instructions faster and behave more intelligently.

Other ST Industry & Security demos on display include a low-power STM32L5-DK AI demo with security, an ultra-low-power STM32U5 IoT Kit Security Camera demo, an STM32H7 servo controller, and a Dual-Motor Position-Control demo based on the STM32G4, STDRIVE101 triple half-bridge gate driver, and STL110N10F7 STripFET Power MOSFET.

AI & Sensing
ST will showcase GUI graphical-display solutions and various end-customer applications based on the STM32G0 and STM32H7, responding to the range of needs from wearable to industrial and covering both low-cost and high-performance markets.

For example, the STM32H725 display module with high-resolution display shows 3D effects, video play, and some advanced animations through TouchGFX, delivering an experience similar to using the touch screen of a smart phone on any application or appliance.

Other ST AI & Sensing demos on display include an RT-thread operating-system-based Wearable demo running on an STM32L4R9, hand-held vacuum cleaners built on the STM32G030, an ST next-generation smartwatch demo, and a water-depth detection demo.

Cloud & Connectivity
ST will highlight its low-power, long-range/short-range communication wireless solutions based on the STM32WL and STM32WB devices. In these, ST integrated the MCU and wireless communication modules onto the STM32 System-on-Chip to allow customers to easily implement control and wireless functions on a single chip.

ST will demonstrate a Smart Home demo based on the STM32WL, which is the world’s first LoRa single-chip microcontroller. Using the STM32WL’s LoRa long-range technology, this demo shows how to interconnect smart home sensors, such as door sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, or smoke-detection sensors, to realize the overall control of a smart home.

To showcase its wide portfolio of products targeting the Cloud & Connectivity, ST will also demonstrate a smart lock based on the STM32WB, ZiFiSense ZETA MOTE dual-mode module built on the STM32WL, NFC fast pairing on SoundBar, and a 360º USB2 camera using the ST60 millimeter-wave contactless connector module.

Ecosystem & Innovation
Featuring ST’s latest series of ultra-low-power MCUs, the STM32U5 brings more autonomy, integration, and security, allowing customers to deliver more demanding applications. In parallel, the STM32Cube ecosystem, a complete software solution for STM32 MCUs and MPUs, continues to evolve, now with the pre-integration of Microsoft ® Azure RTOS, providing even more choices to customers.

At the Summit, ST will show demos using the STM32U5 IoT Discovery Kit (B-U585I-IOT02A). Combining the STM32U5 MCU with a Wi-Fi® module, Bluetooth® module, and various sensors, this single-board kit has already been selected as a reference platform by several partners, including Microsoft, who has chosen this kit as reference board for the new Azure Certified Device program.

In addition to Azure RTOS and Azure Cloud solutions, other Ecosystem & Innovation demos on display include ST FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight sensors for a range of applications including access control-system activation, projector auto focus and geometry correction, and camera-flash intensity control.

Exciting Showstopper Highlights
At the STM32 Summit 2021, visitors can also experience many interesting ST and partner demos powered by ST technology.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration for AWS IoT: The ST STEVAL-VOICE-UI Amazon™ qualified evaluation kit allows evaluation of the cost-effective integration of AVS (Alexa Voice Services) for AWS IoT Services® into smart devices, to implement state-of-the-art, hands-free voice control based on natural language comprehension. This feature allows users to enjoy a better experience with IoT end products that include the ability to talk to Amazon Alexa and control smart-home devices to get assistance, listen to the news, check the weather forecast, play music, and leverage the power of Alexa.

OpenMV Mask Wear Detection & Temperature Measurement: Powered by an STM32H7,the OpenMV camera module can detect whether a person is wearing a mask through a neural-network image-classification application.

Sungrow Solar Invertor & Panel: Consisting of a solar inverter and photovoltaic panels, this demo converts solar energy into electrical energy, to make the world cleaner, greener, and better.The demo iscontrolled by an STM32F417ZGT6, STGWA40H120DF2*6, and STGWA80H65DFB*6, which execute communication, HMI (Human Machine Interface), main-control, and power conversion separately.

Training Football 2-person Competition: This demo supports traditional football training with more functions and more fun. With an STM32WB55 inside, the training football demo detects motion and captures data for speed / acceleration, and even counts the number of hits in a time period. The demo uses BLE to transfer the football data to a smartphone for collection and display.

To experience all these innovative ST and customer demos, please visit STM32 Summit 2021.

* STM32 is a registered and/or unregistered trademark of STMicroelectronics International NV or its affiliates in the EU and/or elsewhere. In particular, STM32 is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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