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STMicroelectronics 100V industrial-grade STripFET F8 devices improve figure of merit by 40%

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STMicroelectronics’ STL120N10F8 N-channel 100V power MOSFETs combine extremely low gate-drain charge (QGD) and on-resistance RDS(on), giving 40% better figure of merit (FoM) than comparable devices of the preceding generation.

The new MOSFETs leverage ST’s advanced STPOWER STripFET F8 technology, which introduces an oxide-filled trench that permits very low conduction losses combined with low gate charge for efficient switching performance. As a result, the STL120N10F8 has 4.6mΩ maximum RDS(on) (at VGS = 10V) and can operate efficiently at switching frequencies up to 600kHz.

The STripFET F8 technology also ensures an output capacitance value that helps to mitigate  drain-source voltage spikes and to minimize wasted charge-discharge energy. The MOSFET body-drain-diode characteristic also displays increased softness. These improvements reduce electromagnetic emissions and so ease compliance testing of the final system to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to applicable product standards.

With its superior efficiency and lower electromagnetic emissions, the STL120N10F8 enhances power-conversion performance in both hard- and soft-switching topologies. Moreover, it is the first STPOWER 100V STripFET F8 MOSFET to be fully qualified to industrial-grade specifications. It is thus ideal for motor-control applications, as well as power supplies and converters for telecom and computer systems, and LED and low-voltage lighting. It is also suited for consumer appliances and battery-powered devices.

The new MOSFETs deliver additional benefits including a very tight spread in the gate-threshold voltage (VGS(th)) that simplifies parallel connection of multiple devices in high-current applications. The devices are also extremely robust, able to withstand short-circuit current up to 800A for pulses in the range of 10µs.

The STL120N10F8 is in full production in the PowerFLAT5x6 package, priced from $1.04 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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