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STMicroelectronics to Exhibit Industry-Leading Solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy Management, and IoT & 5G at Electronica South China 2020

ST virtual demo showcase already available online

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit at Electronica South China 2020(3-5 November). Under the theme of “Our technology starts with You,” ST will showcase its industry-leading products and solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy Management, and IoT & 5G.

Smart Mobility: At the ST booth, a mock-up car front-body and a GNSS wall integrates demos that show ST’s comprehensive portfolio of smart-mobility solutions for car digitalization and electrification. The demos include a 2-Wheeler Digital Cockpit Evaluation kit for easier digital-cluster application prototyping, the ST Accordo5 infotainment processor to make rear-seat remote control smarter and more fun, the latest Class-D Audio Power Amplifier for Car infotainment application, Vehicle Display Audio, Battery Management System, On Board Charger and Traction Inverter.

To demonstrate its full spectrum of smart-mobility solutions, ST will also display HDR Global Shutter Sensor for In-Cabin Monitoring, Secure Car Access Based on CCC Digital Key v2, NFC for Car Door Lock, and Precise Positioning solutions.

Power & Energy Management: At Electronica South China 2020, ST will showcase a wide range of Automation solutions. These include a new KNX-TP and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Integration System for Remote Lighting Control via mobile app for home and building automation.

To showcase its wide portfolio in Power & Energy, Motor Control, and Automation, ST will also display demos on Position Motor Control, a Buck Converter based on VIPER122 / VIPER222, and a Portable Vibration-Monitoring solution.

IoT & 5G: ST will introduce its latest solutions for Wireless Connectivity. These include an after-market wireless Digit Reader solution for metering applications based on the STM32WL long-range wireless microcontroller. ST will also demonstrate how to use convolutional neural networks (CNN) to automatically read digits on a meter.

Further, ST will showcase its Security Solutions for IoT, including the STSAFE-A110 Secure Element that provides a complete set of functions for integration in connected devices. It stores pre-provisioned credentials and can immediately and securely connect to the Amazon AWS IoT cloud.

Other IoT & 5G solutions on display include an STM32L5-DK AI + Low Power + Security demo, STM32WL LoRa® Access Network & Cloud, Breathing Mask with an ST pressure sensor,, ST ToF for Robotics Obstacle Avoidance, and NFC for contactless payment.

Technical conferences and onsite activities
Technical presentations from ST and onsite activities at Electronica South China 2020 will include:

To see all of these demonstrations, please visit ST’s booth (Booth 10H1, Hall 10) at Electronica South China 2020 in Shanghai, China, 3-5 November. You can also visit a pre-event ST virtual demo showcase.

About STMicroelectronics
At ST, we are 46,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies mastering the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. An independent device manufacturer, we work with our 100,000 customers and thousands of partners to design and build products, solutions, and ecosystems that address their challenges and opportunities, and the need to support a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the wide-scale deployment of the Internet of Things and 5G technology. Further information can be found at

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