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STMicroelectronics eases and accelerates user-interface design on STM32 MCUs with new TouchGFX Stock

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With the latest version of the TouchGFX software package, STMicroelectronics has made it easier to build great user interfaces (UIs) for applications hosted on STM32 microcontrollers. Release 4.21 features TouchGFX Stock, a large set of free graphics designs, images and icons available at These help users easily manage graphical assets to ensure consistent and beautiful prototypes and end products

Also added with release 4.21 is support for SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics image format), which gives even more freedom to create that cool UI. Accessed via a new widget in the TouchGFX Designer tool, SVG leverages special graphics hardware available in ST’s STM32 MCUs, such as the NeoChrom GPU processor, to ensure high performance.

In addition, 4.21 introduces over 50 further enhancements in the TouchGFX Designer, to aspects such as navigation and general usability that help developers realize ideas more quickly and efficiently.

Combined with the power of the STM32 development ecosystem, which includes software tools, MCU-specific middleware, and evaluation boards, TouchGFX helps designers get their projects up and running quickly and easily. It provides everything needed to create compelling user interfaces for products such as home appliances, building automation controls, industrial machinery, fitness trackers and other wearables, medical devices, and many others.

TouchGFX version 4.21 is available now, free of charge, by downloading the X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX software package from

Read ST’s blog at for more information about TouchGFX and release 4.21.

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